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Cell Tower Explorations - Results of Special Town Meeting, 1.19.23

We held a special town meeting on Thursday, January 19th.  Voters agreed to amend the Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Siting Ordinance to increase the maximum height to 125 feet by a margin of 15-3.  I have let Tilson Infrastructure know and they will get back to me about next steps.  My thanks to those people who came out to vote.

Rick Lattimer
Town Administrator

Here is a little more background: The Town is talking with Tilson Infrastructure about building a tower at the Town's State Pit (Crabtree Farm) property on South Shore Road.  Please see this letter for details.  No decisions have been made.  Please contact Rick Lattimer, Town Administrator, with any questions, 867.4433 or [email protected].

North Haven Community Vision Priorities Presentation - 1.26.23

We will host a meeting on Thursday, January 26, 2023 to discuss recommended actions to address Priorities 1 and 2, Access to Housing and Economy & the Workforce.  Here are the details:

Date:  Thursday, January 26, 2023
Time:  5:30 pm
Location:  Waterman's Community Center or via Zoom

Please register on the Zoom link here.

Join fellow community members for a review of recommendations and next steps to address community priorities identified during North Haven’s Vision Process in 2021. Hosted by Town and Working Group representatives along with housing consultant Mary Terry, and economic development consultant Jim Damicis of Camoin Associates.

Job Opportunity - Associate Sewer Superintendent

North Haven is looking for a part-time employee to assist with our Wastewater Collection and Treatment System.  You can find a copy of the vacancy announcement here.

If interested, please contact Kylie Curtis in the Town Office, 207.867.4433 or [email protected].

Public Safety Building – General Labor Wanted

Ricci Construction will build our new Public Safety Building. Site work will begin in the spring, followed by erecting the building itself and finish work.

If you are interested on working on this project, please contact John Ricci at 603.234.9932 or [email protected].

Special Town Meeting - Public Safety Building Vote - Results

Voters approved, 65-12, the new building and borrowing $5.05 million through a municipal bond to finance it.  The bond is payable over 20 years.

Ricci construction plans to order the materials in February, begin site work as soon as spring weather permits, and construct the building over the summer.  Our plan is to have a complete building by the end of 2023.

Thank you to everyone who came to vote, even those who voted no. Making these decisions as a community is important.

Here are two renderings of the building.

And here is the interior design.  The mezzanine is a second floor over the office space portion of the building.

Online Burn Permits

Burn Permits are now issued through the State. The permit is available on the Ordinances and Policies page under the Residents tab.

You can also access the permit through this link: https://apps1.web.maine.gov/burnpermit/public/index.html

Sewage System Repairs - Thayer Lift Station

This is a notice the State of Maine requires the Town to post:



The Department of Environmental Protection, has issued a categorical exclusion
in compliance with Section C of the State of Maine’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund
rules, Chapter 595, on behalf of the Town of North Haven to exempt a proposed action
from the substantive environmental review requirements.

The proposed action is to rehabilitate the Thayer Pump Station’s wet well. This is
necessary project is to replace the damaged flat top.

A review of the proposed action by the DEP has indicated that it meets the
criteria for a Categorical Exclusion. Specifically, the proposed action is directed solely
toward the rehabilitation, minor upgrading and minor expansion of existing facilities,
toward the functional replacement of equipment, or toward the construction of related
facilities adjoining the existing facilities. This exclusion may be revoked at any time if
any of the criteria used for its issuance are violated.

Further records in regard to the project are on file and are available for public
review at the Town Office, 16 Town Office Sq, North Haven, Maine and the offices of
the Department of Environmental Protection, [email protected] Comments
relative to this decision may be submitted to the town or DEP within fifteen days.

Date:  12.20.2022


The Town of North Haven does not maintain or control moorings. 

To obtain information about moorings, please call on of the two private boatyards on the island:

  • J.O. Brown's - 207.867.4621
  • Thayer's Y-Knot Boatyard - 207.867.4701.

North Haven Roadsides

The Select Board would like to recognize everyone who helps keep our roadsides clean and to urge people to be more careful with their trash.  Please read this letter.

Airstrip:  Passenger & Freight Transportation

There has been considerable discussion about Penobscot Island Air's (PIA) use of Watson's airstrip over the summer.  As town administrator, I've been involved in this issue since I started in July 2018.  But as most people know, this has been an ongoing concern for decades.  I've written a lengthy article for the October edition of the North Haven News in which I attempt to lay out the pertinent history up through today.  I'm attaching the article and the associated documents below.  My thanks to everyone involved.  Please be patient as the Town, PIA, the Watson family, and the community at large continue to work through this.


Rick Lattimer

Mullens Head Park

Our park is a tremendous asset to our community. Please help us take good care of it so everyone can enjoy it. We recently had a fire in the forest near Vista Beach that could have been catastrophic were it not for the quick response of our volunteer fire fighters. We have also found large amounts of garbage — some left over from picnics and other outings and some that is obviously household trash. We rely on volunteers to take care of the park. Please do your part to help. Carry out what you carry in, use the designated grills or your own grills - but no open fires, and clean up if you see a mess. Thanks for your cooperation.    Rick Lattimer, Town Administrator

Transfer Station -- Schedule and Hours, Payment, and Recycling Guidelines

Starting Wednesday, October 19, 2022, the Transfer Station will be open two days each week, Wednesday and Saturday, from 8:00 to 4:00.  We will be accepting cash, but strongly prefer people purchase stickers for household trash at the Town Office.  Stickers cost $1.50 each.  A $1.50 sticker goes on a 33-gallon bag.  Place 1/2 a sticker on a 13-gallon kitchen bag.  Place two stickers on a large contractor bag.  The Town Office accepts cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

For an updated list of what can and cannot be discarded in the recycling compacter, click here.

Emergency Services

In case of emergency, please dial 911.  North Haven participates in the Knox County Emergency Management System.  Upon calling, a 911 operator will take your information and immediately contact North Haven's EMS and Fire Department, as appropriate.

Recycling at the Transfer Station

Click here for a copy of recycling guidelines at the Transfer Station. As many recyclers know, the market for recycled materials has undergone some dramatic changes. Our recycling provider, Ecomaine, has issued new guidelines to match the demand of a shrinking market for some categories of materials. Please consult it.

Burn Pile

Please remember that the burn pile is restricted to brush and untreated wood. (Latex painted construction debris is allowed.) Access to and use of the burn pile is primarily on an "honor system". The Transfer Station staff cannot continuously monitor the pile. The discarding of noxious and toxic debris which ends up being burned may result in drastic action by the state Department of Environmental Protection, up to and including permanent closure.

Ferry Information

Propane Trips: for a copy of the 1-6-16 line-up policy for passengers on propane transport trips, click here.

Line Numbers: Click here for information for how get a line number.

Rockland Line-up Policies: Click here for policies and procedures at the Rockland Terminal, including rules on switching vehicles.

Cancellation Emails: to receive email notice of ferry cancellations, click here and follow the instructions to sign up for the notice.

Water Department

Click here for a copy of the 2017 Consumer Confidence Report

Tax Maps Assessors' Information

Now online. Click here for link