Challenges and Priorities

North Haven Vision and Priorities

North Haven is a remarkable island community – resourceful, caring, safe, and inclusive – committed to sustaining a thriving year-round economy, stewarding our natural resources, and preserving scenic beauty for current and future generations.

Community Vision Hub

Our Vision recognizes what we all love about our island and will guide us as we address challenges and opportunities. The Vision was created based on community input and reflects the values generated during the Community Vision Process. In addition to the Vision, this process generated Priorities that the Town and community are working to address. The Community Priorities are:

1) Access to Housing

2) Workforce Development & Economic Diversification

3) Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change Impacts 

For more information about our priorities and vision, the Community Vision Hub, a website for all things related to the North Haven Vision, Priorities, and Next Steps. The purpose of the Vision Hub is to make sure you can easily access the information you need to stay informed and involved in the process. If you have trouble accessing the Vision Hub, please contact Mia Colloredo-Mansfeld.

Below is all the information available on the Hub in pdf form.

Vision Process Documents:

Vision FAQ

Vision Statement Word Choice Definitions

Survey and Community Conversations Findings Report

Priority Pages:

Access to Housing:

Housing: Community Input Summary

Next Steps: Housing Working Group

Housing Report: Housing Working Group Final Report

Housing Recommendations: Housing Working Group Recommendations

Workforce Development & Economic Diversification:

Workforce & Economy: Community Input Summary

Next Steps: Workforce & Economy Advisory Group

Economic Consultant Report: Camoin Associates Report

Economic Consultant Recommendations: Camoin Associates Recommendations 

Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change Impacts:

Working Group and Community Resilience Partnership Documents:

Building Resilience on North Haven (DRAFT)

NH List of Community Actions (DRAFT)

Self-Evaluation (DRAFT) 

Community Conversations 

Environment & Climate: Community Input Summary

Next Steps: Community Resilience Partnership & Climate Working Group

Climate Working Group Factsheet

CRP Resolution: Municipal Resolution


Priority Updates: Monthly Priority Updates

Resources Page:


Introduction 2-pager: What is the NH Community Vision Process?

Survey and Community Conversations Findings Report

Vision Statement Working Group Fact Sheet

Final Vision 2-pager: Vision Statement and Priorities

Priorities 1 and 2: Recommendations 2-pager


August Intro Meeting Slides

August Intro Meeting Recording

Town Administrator Introduction

January Community Presentation Slides 

January Community Presentation Recording

January 2023 Community Presentation Slides (Priority 1 and Priority 2 updates)