What is a Community Vision?

What is a Community Vision?

A community vision is a simple statement describing an idealistic picture of what we collectively want for our community in both the short and long-term. A vision is aspirational and inspirational and, unlike a mission, does not define our purpose or strategies, but rather a desired state of being. It is used to guide a community’s priorities, strategies, and actions by providing a clear and collectively agreed upon foundation for planning. Learn more about vision statements here.

Why is creating a Community Vision important?

There are many reasons why the Town is investing in this process and why we need the community to join us.

  • We need to update our Comprehensive Plan; we will need a community vision as the foundation for that plan.
  • Grant and loan applications routinely ask for the Town’s vision statement.
  • A vision statement will help the Select Board and other town boards and groups make decisions for the future.

But perhaps most importantly...

Our island is changing; we can either manage that change ourselves or let it manage us. See data and learn more about how North Haven is changing here.