What is the Vision Process?

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What is North Haven's Community Vision Process?

North Haven's community vision process is designed to engage all members of our community to address these primary questions:

  • What do I value most about this community? Collectively, what does our community value most?
  • What are our top concerns and challenges as a community? In the short term? In the long term?
  • What regional, state, national, and global challenges impact us? How do they impact us?
  • What concerns and challenges do I think our community should commit to working on and investing in over the next 1-10 years?

Everyone will have the opportunity to be involved either in-person or virtually in the community vision process. The Town will be soliciting feedback and responses to these questions through one-on-one and group conversations, a community-wide survey, and through in-person (COVID dependent) and virtual "community conversations."

Why is creating a Community Vision important?

vision process phases

There are many reasons why the Town is investing in this process and why we need the

community to join us.

  • We need to update our Comprehensive Plan; we will need a community vision as the foundation for that plan.
  • Grant and loan applications routinely ask for the Town’s vision statement.
  • A vision statement will help the Select Board and other town boards and groups make decisions for the future.

But perhaps most importantly...

Our island is changing; we can either manage that change ourselves or let it manage us. See data and learn more about how North Haven is changing here.

Who's leading this effort?

The Town of North Haven, represented by the North Haven Select Board, is driving this process, and Rick Lattimer, Town Administrator, is serving as the project leader. The Select Board believes this process is a critical step toward long-term planning and prioritization to ensure the resiliency of our year-round community. Rick is working with the North Haven Collective, a network of local individuals committed to supporting community sustainability. In addition, North Haven's new Island Institute Fellow, Mia Colloredo-Mansfeld and Vinalhaven-based facilitator and planner, Gabe McPhail, are supporting Rick with process design and overall project assistance.