Frequently Asked Questions

How To:

  • Apply for General Assistance: Applications are available in the Town Office (Hours: M-F, 8:00 AM to to 4:30PM). Town Office Phone: 867-4433. In after hour emergencies, call 593-9132

  • Obtain Land Use Permit: click here for form.

  • Pay Taxes: The Town of North Haven runs on a calendar year. Both real estate and personal property taxes for current year are due September 30. Taxes may be paid by mail or in person. The Town accepts credit cards but there is a 2.5% fee payable by the user.

  • Pay Water/Sewer Bills: Water and Sewer bills may be paid by mail or at the Town Office. Payment must be a separate check for each bill. The Water and Sewer Departments accept credit cards but there is a 2.5% fee payable by the user.
  • Register a Vehicle: Registrations are normally completed in person at the Town Office. Renewals require proof of insurance and current mileage. The old registration is not necessary. New car registrations (if purchased from a dealer) require all of the paperwork provided by the dealer as well as proof of insurance. New car registrations (if purchased in a casual sale) require the title of the vehicle, a bill of sale and proof of insurance. The Maine sales tax due on a casual sale will also be collected on the State's behalf at the Town Office. Excise taxes are also collected at the time of registration or renewal. Registrations can be completed during normal Town Office business hours.
  • Register a Boat: Registrations can be completed by mail or in person. A renewal does not require previous paper work. Registration of a new boat requires bill of sale and previous registration if applicable. Sales tax will be collected if not previously paid. Registrations can be completed during normal Town Office business hours.
  • Obtain Dog Licenses: Due by December 31. After January 31, a late charge will be applied. All dogs over the age of 6 months must be licensed. Please bring proof of rabies and spay/neuter certificate.

  • Obtain Moorings: Foy W. Brown, Harbormaster, handles all moorings in the Fox Islands Thoroughfare. Joshua Lemoi, Harbormaster handles any questions/issues in Pulpit Harbor. Thayer's Y-Knot Boatyard usually has moorings for rent in Pulpit Harbor.
  • Purchase a Cemetery Plot: Plot purchases for Sea View and Fuller are through the Cemetery Associations. For information on Sea View Cemetery, please contact Bonnie Waterman, (207)867-2264. For information concerning Fuller Cemetery, contact Richard Witherspoon, (207)867-4862. There is currently no association for Brown Cemetery. Contact the Town Office regarding a plot purchase at Brown.
  • Register to Vote: Requirements: current picture I.D. and proof of address. The State of Maine allows registration on Election Day itself.