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Emergency Medical Services

About North Haven's Emergency Medical Services
In an Emergency Dial 911

North Haven Emergency Medical Services is an all-volunteer municipal service providing 24/7 911 EMS care to the residents and visitors of North Haven Island. Our crew is comprised of Emergency Medical Technicians, as well as CPR certified drivers, typically working in crews of three. Our service is unique, in that our EMTs respond and practice alongside mid-level providers, a Nurse Practitioner or a Physician’s Assistant, who respond from the North Haven Medical Clinic during all EMS calls. This allows us to provide an expedient response and a very high level of care in all situations.

The delivery of emergency medical care in a remote island setting is inherently logistically challenging. Visitors and Residents should expect that while response time will be expedient, transport times of over an hour are not unusual, and can often involve a response from multiple agencies, a fixed wing plane, a helicopter, or water-based transport. In all cases, our experienced and dedicated volunteers provide a high level of compassionate, professional care!

If you would like more information on our service, its capabilities, or would like to explore adding your name to our roster, please contact any of the department Officers noted below!


Donations from the public are humbly received and allow our service to constantly modernize and increase our ability to deliver the highest quality of care possible. Donations can be addressed to North Haven EMS c/o Town of North Haven and mailed or delivered to the North Haven Town Office.

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EMTs Officers
April Brown Ryan Nizolek, Director
Kylie Curtis  
John Dietter Courtney Naliboff, Administrative Chief
Jessie Hallowell  
Sam Hallowell Jamien Shields, Facilities/Equipment Chief
Morty Hansen  
Jill Kauffman Dave Macy, Driver Coordinator
Maria Keeler  
Todd Martin  
Courtney Nailboff  
Ryan Nizolek  
Jamien Shields  
Zoe Bernardi  
Shaun Johnson
Nick Koster
Jamie Lane
Nathanial Liddle
Kim Rosenbaum
Dave Macy